Suggestions for trips

The geographical location of Villa Fleria allows for easy trips to all the scenic sites and historical monuments of Chania and Crete. From Villa Fleria you can easily plan excursions to the following highly recommended destinations:

The exotic Elafonissi, with the red and pinkish coral sand from the thousands shells that have been crushed.

The beautiful Falasarna beach, with its vivid blue and turquoise water and the underwater ancient city. In 2002 Falassarna was voted as the most beautiful beach of Greece. We suggest you stay until late in the afternoon to enjoy a magnificent sunset with the sun falling into the sea.

The Cedar forest, known for its rare beauty, one of the few coastal forests in Greece and Europe. The beach is full of cedars and the sea water is crystal clear and cool.

The haunt of pirates, Balos and Cape Gramvousa, the lagoon with the white sand and the exotic scenery. Balos is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean and surely the mostly photographed beach in Crete. The view of the Cape from above is breathtaking.

The Gorge of Samaria, the largest gorge in Europe, 18 km long. In an area of a stunning beauty, you will walk between the mountains, find unique species of lora and fauna and drink fresh water running from the White Mountains. In Samaria Gorge you may also be faced with the rare Cretan wild goat known as kri-kri.

The beautiful Kournas lake the one and only natural lake of Crete. Here you can stroll around the lake, swim or ride a pedalo, watch and feed the ducks or even enjoy a meal beside the lake in one of the traditional tavernas.

The traditional village of Sfakia, situated on the south coast, which combines the ferocity of the mountainous landscape and the deep blue of the Libyan Sea. Next to Chora Sfakion village, don’t miss the Frangokastelo village with the famous Venetian castle and the haunting myth of Drosoulites soldiers.

The beauties of Chania however are endless and therefore we recommend you to keep in mind also the following destinations: Sougia, Paleochora, Loutro, Agia Roumeli Therissos, Zourva… and don’t hesitate to ask us about the beautiful trails in mountain villages where you can taste delicious traditional food.

Finally, although located outside Chania prefecture, the famous Minoan Palaces of Knossos and Phaistos is definitely a destination you shouldn’t miss. Dated around 2,000 BC, they are the most important archaeological sites in Crete and of the most important in Greece.

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